Guided by Hypnotherapist. 

Regular Hypnotherapy. Access your inner mind to get the most out of life. Hypnosis session Soul Investment $150 per session;
1.Includes perdentquestionnairre
2. Your Office visit, session runs 75 minutes the day of.

Typically used for inner peace, bad habits: goal setting, weight loss, positive reinforcement, to quit smoking, release negative thoughts, releasing.

 Its a deep state of Hypnosis one can achieve their desired Changed behavior and goals. I also  do analysis of what you want to accomplish. One can work towards weight loss:  3 to 6 sessions recommended. Just like eating 1 salad a week doesn't work. Either will just doing 1 session. Commit to your body and change your habits.

Also positively program your unconscious mind. Replace and remove negative thoughts & behaviors; with positive beliefs, new thoughts, and change the way you think, feel and EXPERIENCE life.  For example to lose weight, be more positive, be more discipline, etc. Usually one cannot change the "self" without assistance as you maybe completely unaware of your mind & soul patterns.  

Create Positive Changes!

Inner Child Work
Habit Control
Emotional Release
Self Improvement
Create Positive Outlook on Life
Change Limiting Beliefs & Patterns

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy
-Guided Hypnotherapy session, find inner peace, remember previous lives, life path, hear your own guidance, immediate self reflection, connect at higher vibrations.

$300 + (for a 2 hour session) plus depending on how much you want to know and how long the appoint is.. Depending on how long the session is and how much information you want to access. Basic -$300 for a 2 hour session with questionnaire before hand or day of. The more complex/longer sessions are more, call to let me know your situation.

1. personal office visit; for a 1 to 1 session

2. Questionnaire of what you are looking for

3. Heal inner issues from the past or find out the answers you need.

Emotional Release Hypnotherapy

Three sessions

Focuses on releasing trapped energy

Brain/Mind Exercises

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy-

1.Intake form

2. Six-10  75 minute sessions

3. Questionnaire

4. sessions to be every 7-10 days.

 Soul Investment $2000

Career Guidance-- $100/1 hour in person/online/phone. $250 for a written personal plan.

Energy work-

Heal your inner soul.  Soul Investment $100,

This is where I send you my high vibrational energy  through my hands, to help energetically balance yourself, align your chakras, clear and clear energetic traumas of the heart, mind, body traumas, help remove cellular blockages or tap your intuitive abilities. Most people say they feel and/or look 5 years younger after they release old cellular trauma.  For those seeking peace & good health.

1. a 30 step process 2. Work on releasing this of the past or stuck energy.


Connect w/your Angels private lesson- $200 1st session; $100 thereafter. 30 step Energy work, tools and training. call for details.

Personal Guidance session- ​For Business, Career, Life, Relationship, future, work, etc. $100/hr.

(12 months, once a month available.)

Call for details.

Neuro Linguistic Programming-

guided, effective, mind exercises that allow you to look at any given situation in a different light. Feel stress slip away internally in 1 -4 sessions. As you go through these exercises your body will allow you to release what you've been holding on to so dearly. A mind approach to real everyday problems. Kick the process of your mind on in the butt with some NLP. Come, Make a shift.

Career Guidance-

Call for a Free 1 to 1, Consultation for self help programs- Online, on the phone or in person.

What we dont do: Diagnose Medical conditions, Therapy, or prescribe drugs.

Donna Peterson

​EDUCATION: Business Public Administration B.A. Liberal Arts Former R.U.S.D School Teacher Business Development Certificate Management, Human Development Soul Renovation Training & Trainer Neuro Linguistics Programming Practitioner Hypnosis Practitioner; 10 courses in NLP/Hypnotherapy training
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Spiral Dynamics Life Coach, Success Strategist; Business Coach Practitioner Training in: Tarot, Angel Readings, Channeling, Spiritual Guidance, Meditation, Intuitive counsel. Director of Marketing
Business Coach & Advisor
Director of Business Development Blessed by "God" Previous Susan G. Komen Public Relations Chair Previous Environmental Board Member Previous Commercial Real Estate Board Member Current ROA Board Member Former Greek Honor Society President (Order of Omega) Previous ZTA Alumnae President Previous ZTA Collegiate  Chapter Vice President II 
Previous ZTA  Alumnae-Colligiate Chair 

Call my office at 949.478-5801  for an appointment times.

The above are Self help improvement programs.

Hypnotherapy focuses on hypnosis,

the Greek term for sleep. The practice uses exercises that relax people, bringing them to an altered state of consciousness. This process focuses on mastering self-awareness. Through trance-like analysis, hypnosis decreases blood pressure and heart rate, putting one's physical body at ease. Working with memories, hypnotherapy helps a person to reframe, relax, absorb, dissociate, respond, and reflect. The process reconstructs healthier associations with a person's past events. Dealing with a wide range of conditions (and pain), people become responsive to new solutions that can lead to personal development through hypnotherapy.